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John Arnold

Song of the Day - Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence

This is something I've been meaning to pick as a song of the day and this is as good a time as any because Richard suggested posting a discovery of the month and this is certainly the song I've loved most this month. I've listened to it OVER and OVER.

It's remarkable to me first of all because I *LOVE* Simon and Garfunkel, the original artists to write and record this song. And this is one of my all time favourite songs of theirs. But it's also remarkable because Disturbed is a pretty hard core rock band. Listen to some of their other stuff and you'll see what I mean. So I was expecting this cover to be a travesty turning a beautiful song into some thrash metal abomination. But I have to conclude, taking into account their fantastic cover of Genesis Land of Confusion as well, that Disturbed are an amazingly astute and talented bunch of musicians. They serve the song - in both cases performing them in their own style but with respect for the original and wherever possible enhancing what made the original great.

You might not agree with me but *I* think this version of The Sound of Silence is fantastic and well deserving of a second spot for Disturbed on my "better than the original" playlist.